Fishing trips


The world is full of unique opportunities for the avid fisherman, and you’ll be able to find the perfect site whether you’re interested in fresh- or salt water fishing, deep water fishing, or maybe even something more exciting like piranha fishing in the tropics.

Exotic adventures

Ice fisherman reeling up a whitefish through a hole in the ice

For the real adventurers out there, the Manaus in the Amazon Basin in Brazil might be well worth a visit. Here you’ll be able to catch piranhas by the boat load, but do remember to take care of your extremities, as these fish will have no trouble leaving you with a couple less digits than you had when you arrived.

Another serious adventure is the often-daylong hunts for the goliath tiger fish in the Congo River Basin. This is a fish that is no less dangerous than the piranha, but it is a good deal larger with a weight of 70kg or even more. There have been several attacks on humans, so this is another adventure that calls for a brave yet careful fisherman.

A colder, yet no less exotic option is going ice fishing in Brainerd, Minnesota. The annually organized Ice Fishing Extravaganza draws upward of 12,000 participants each year, attracted both by the great fishing and by some pretty impressive prizes.

Fishing for something other than fish

Of course, you might like to branch out and try something other than fish while you’re at it. Squid is a popular protein in South East Asian cooking, and you can go squid fishing in several of the major tourist destinations. Especially good are the beautiful Halong Bay in Vietnam, and the relatively small island of Koh Samet outside Bangkok in Thailand. You’ll be able to go squid fishing with both rod and net, and quite often your catch will be cooked up for you before you even reach land.

Another option for those who want to branch out is to take up shrimp fishing. This is most definitely a very different experience, as the fishing is done on horseback through the waves. Although you might not be the one to mount the mighty steeds yourself, you’ll be able to ride along in the carriage they pull along. This very special experience can be had in Oostduinkerke in Belgium.

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