Fishing as a Hobby

If you enjoy the great outdoors and like to have time to relax and unwind after a hectic work schedule, you should consider fishing as a hobby. Whether you choose sea fishing, river and lake fishing, or game fishing, there is something for everyone in this popular pursuit. Of course, there is also the added bonus that you might catch something for your next meal. There is nothing more pleasing than fresh, cooked fish to reward your skill as an angler. Indeed if you choose sea fishing, just about everything you catch will turn out to be edible. Another indoor hobby you might like to pursue is growing plants for your home, conservatory, or glasshouse. This is where can be a real help to you. Check out this website, and you will be able to download the Planta app.

What is Planta?

This app contains everything you need to know about growing houseplants, including how to care for them, identifying the specimen, and recommended feeding schedules. It helps you identify ideal spots in your place to situate each variety. You can set up handy reminders such as when a plant needs misting. For those days when fishing is not possible or desirable, for example, during inclement weather, you can continue unwinding and relaxing by successfully growing the houseplants of your choice. You have the added satisfaction of nurturing the plant from a seedling to a fully grown specimen. The Planta app features:

  • A plant database
  • Care schedules
  • Plant identification
  • A light meter
  • Dr Planta and
  • Reminder schedules

Everything you could want to make sure your plants thrive and develop. As their motto says, “Never kill a plant again!”.


Fishing is a great hobby, but since it is an outdoor activity, there can be cold and damp days when you may not want to go out of the house. Growing houseplants can be done in the comfort of your own home. Planta is the perfect app to tell you how to grow, troubleshoot any problems, and look after your plants. The ideal hobby to accompany the keen angler.

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