Must Have Sea Fishing Tackle For Anglers

Sea Fishing Tackle is a general term that refers to various fishing gear and equipment used by fishermen when they go fishing at sea. Aside from the hooks, lures and baits there are other important items that anglers ought to have in their tackle box. A sea fishing tackle box is a container that keeps all of your equipment in one place, allowing ease of access and protection for your gear – preventing accidents that may come from misplaced gear. This article highlights essential tools that will prove useful to anglers on their fishing trips.

1. Fishing net: A net is used to land fish rather than catch them and can also come in handy for catching bait such as frogs.

2. Fishing rod and reel: One cannot catch fish without a fishing rod, hence it is the most essential item in a fisherman’s gear. The rod and accompanying reel come as a set and are often six feet long for sea fishing.

3. Utility Knife: A knife is used for various tasks such as making fillets, cleaning fish and cutting tangled lines.

4. Sinkers: Good sinkers are lead free and are about a pound heavy. Their role is to prevent the fishing line from floating to the surface of the water by adding weight to it.

5. Fishing line: The fishing line is a cord for angling used to draw in the catch. The kind of fish you are planning to catch will determine the fishing line you will buy with regards to pounds and strength.

6. Bobbers: A bobber dangles the bait to the fish and also adds extra weight to your cast. Sinking of a bobber indicates a catch at the end of the line.

7. Leaders: Leaders are pieces of metal you fix to your fishing line to protect it from being cut by sharp-grilled fish.

8. Swivels: Swivels are fixed to the fishing line to prevent to prevent it from tangling. Swivels can also be used to hold the leader making it easier to remove leaders without cutting the line.

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