How Fishing Contributes to Holistic Health

Did you know that fishing provides a total body workout? Good thing it can be done by anyone, young or old; active or inactive. Fishing has actually helped a lot of aged people suffering from chronic illnesses like arthritis, post-traumatic disorders, and physical injuries. It is a perfect hobby to remain active and explore nature even at old age.

How Fishing Helps With Physical Fitness

You work out the arms by casting the fishing rod or doing some rowing. All the muscles in the arm remain active, from the upper arms (deltoid), shoulders, forearms (biceps), small and large hand muscles. By keeping the joints active, it means fishing has the potential to prevent osteoarthritis among other degenerative diseases like muscle weakness. The back is not left behind either. When wading with the correct posture, fishing strengthens the lower back. Furthermore, bait-casting exercises the upper back.

Surf fishermen have an added advantage of keeping the core muscles in shape. While working to remain upright amidst the water waves, the abdominal muscles tighten up to find a balance. Scrambling on the rocks in a river also contributes to strengthening the core. Another group of muscles that is mostly utilized while fishing is the legs. They help the body get to the right fishing spot through the strong currents. The legs get stronger as they try to balance the body on slippery rocks.

Fishing and Mental Health

Fishing is usually done in natural settings: rivers, dams, lakes, and seas. Simply being surrounded by nature is enough to reduce brain activity and too much thinking. This is a meditative activity that allows your mind to unwind. Brain relaxation means little stress for the time you will be spending casting the bait.

Fishing calms the nerves and is fun too. If you want to enjoy life in a better way, grab a tackle and cast it into the river.

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